My Favorite Everyday Cloth Diaper

BumGenius Elemental AIO

Raindrops on roses and cute baby tushies. Bright colored diapers without any mushies. Velcro or snappis and inserts with wings. These are a few of my favorite things.

Thanks to the Green Bambino in Oklahoma City, I have quite a buffet of cloth diapers. From diapers made with microfiber to polyester to wool to organic cotton to PUL to terry cloth…with features such as pockets for extra absorbency, inner gussets, nano technology, and quick dry fleece..the list goes on and on. I personally have 18 varieties/brands of diapers in my stash. There are only a couple diapers that I tend to pass over. The rest of them compete very well with each other.

I love using different brands. There are so many cute styles and different features that it keeps it fun and interesting. Who knew diapering could be so fun?! If I absolutely have to pick a favorite for everyday wear, it would be the BumGenius Elemental with organic cotton.

Here are some reasons why I like the BumGenius Elemental:

It’s an All-in-one: I really love AIO’s. They are just so much easier to deal with altogether. No stuffing, unstuffing, or getting inserts mixed up. They’re just as easy as using a disposable. My dad said it best when he was babysitting Clara one day. “If you have these kind of diapers, why would you use disposables?” He was amazed at modern cloth diapers.

The Fit:  The fit is snug but breathable and very trim. Clara is 15 months right now and at her size, it fits about the same as a disposable would. She still has so much room to grow in it too. Although I love a bubbly cloth diaper bum, her pants fit the same as it would with a sposie. It doesn’t cause issues with leaking or blowouts since it fits her little tush, waist, and legs so perfectly.

The material: The organic cotton is super duper soft. The smoothness also keeps the poopies from getting ingrained into the cotton, which makes dumping and/or spraying easier.

The quality: This feels like a well made diaper that will last forever.

I haven’t tried using this diaper at night. Since there is not a pocket to stuff inserts for extra absorbency, I’m not sure it would last all night long. I’d rather stick with what I know works for my nighttime routine. I don’t want to take any chances on her waking up from a wet diaper. Stay tuned for a post on my favorite nighttime diapers.

6 Replies to “My Favorite Everyday Cloth Diaper”

  1. And to think, I gave you your first cloth diaper – a Bum Genius, no less. But not an Elemental – I don’t think they had those then. I’m such a proud big sister!

  2. Yep, you sure did! I remember when you gave it to me. It was my first baby gift when Clara was in my tummy. It made me cry when I saw that little diaper. And then I thought… hmmmmm… I don’t know about the whole cloth diaper thing, but I finally gave it a chance because I didn’t want that one diaper to just collect dust. HAHA!

  3. love the Elementals! I only have one but it has worn really well and I like how low-maintenance it is — no stuffing.

    So what other fluff is in your stash?

  4. The AIO’s I have are grovia, bummis easy fit, kissaluvs marvel, motherease, and tailfeathers. The pockets I have are fuzzi bunz, rumparooz, sweet peas, BG 4.0, and kawaii baby. The hybrids I have are Flips and Grovia. Fitteds are motherease and tailfeathers. I also have a little beetle wool cover. I think that covers it… but I’m sure I’m forgetting something. What do you have in your stash??

  5. Oh – I’m just now coming back to this post!

    Sloomb OBFs and snapless – about 50% of the stash. It’s all I buy now.

    Rob loves the others, too, though – We also have BG 4.0 (snaps) and a couple of BottomBumpers, GroVias (a favorite), KnickerNappies and ittiBitti’s. Also a few FB’s but those are my total least favorite. I just don’t like stuffing the FB’s – the PUL is kinda sticky and narrow-cut.

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