Watch Out For Flying Poop Particles!

Toilet Sprayer
Toilet Sprayer

So I bought a Bum Genius diaper sprayer and installed it all by myself. I watched some helpful youtube videos beforehand to get a visual. I must say I’m so glad I came across a demo of someone trying the sprayer for the first time and spraying poop all over the bathroom… because that would definitely have happened to me.

For reals though, in order to get the smooshy poo out of the diaper that makes it into the crevices, you have to put it on full blast and there just ain’t no way of gettin’ outta there without droplets flying everywhere. Weee!! Splat!! I feel bad for the droplets, but I suppose it’s their destiny. Better to end it quick then to sit and stew in a diaper genie all week I guess.  Anyhoo, I tell myself that the bits of water that land on my legs are only water and not poop. “Julie, the bits of water that land on your legs are only water and not poop.” That’s what I tell myself. And I feel cleaner.

Now have you ever tried spraying a cloth wipe? Well, if your baby did a really messy job and has been crawling and bouncing around in it for more than 5 minutes, then let’s just say your cloth wipe is going to feel important. The only thing is, you can’t really spray a wipe. The force of the sprayer would send it flying across the room. Weeee!!! Glop!! So, it’s dunk time. But then it’s so saturated with mud water that when you put it into the diaper pail, you just hope that the drops (not dropLETS because they’re quite a bit more substantial) don’t land on the bathmat for you to step in later when you’re wearing socks. You see, stepping in an unsuspecting wet spot with socks on is just really annoying, especially when you know there could be a tiny bit of poopage in it.

So, am I glad I bought a diaper sprayer? Yes. With a little practice and technique on a good day, the benefit far outweighs the cost. Plus, it can be used for other things… as a bidet (not that I’ve ever used one before), or as an extra shower wand since it’s close enough to the bathtub, or even to spray someone in the face as a practical joke. I don’t know.