The Sweetest Sounds

Clara was needing some extra soothing at bedtime tonight. For whatever reason, she was having a hard time winding down. I was rocking her in the rocking chair, which she rarely lets me do. She’s never been a fan of the sit and rock. She’s more of a stand and bounce baby. But tonight the timing was right and she relaxed in my arms.

Since I had already sung lullabies and patted/ssh’d her, I just sat and rocked in silence so as not to stimulate her further. Then she started to hum. The contour of what she was singing was of one of the lullabies I frequently sing to her, Su La Li. So, I joined in and we hummed together. It was a magical moment. Then I noticed her holding the resting tone of the song as I sang the melody. So I decided to change keys and she changed her resting tone! I was amazed. She kept humming along but in the new key. When I started to sing a new lullaby, she changed yet again with me. For the next 15 minutes or so, I sang 5 or 6 different lullabies in different keys and she continued to sing with me. I was in heaven.