The Snot Sucker!!

The Snot SuckerTttthhhheeeewp! Bllllllrrrrrp! Wsshhhhh! Ah, the sounds of snot being sucked into a tube. No more trying to shove a pointy syringe into your baby’s nose while she wiggles her head from side to side. No more accidentally squeezing the syringe at the wrong time sending air and icky particles that have been harboring inside the bulb back into her nose.

This little gadget is very handy. Clara thinks it’s strange enough that she looks at me like I’m weird just long enough for me to get in a thewp or two. It’s still a bit of a battle, as with anything I stick towards her nose. But it’s so much more fun, effective, and easy to use! And the handy filter keeps any boogies from getting into mommy’s mouth. Phew! Try the electronic one that play lullabies, you say? Done that…fail.

I give the snot sucker an A-. The minus is for having to replace the filter every time. It would be nice to know you should go ahead and order a bunch of filters when buying the sucker while you are already paying for shipping.

The inventors of the NoseFrida SnotSucker also have a new gadget out called, “the windi”, a gas catheter used to suck the gas out of your baby’s butt. I know what you’re thinking… EEEEEEWWWWWW!! That’s what I’m thinking too!! The funniest thing is that apparently you hear a little whistle when the gas comes out. OMG! Luckily there is no pipe on the other end for you to suck out like the snotsucker. That would make me gag… a little.

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  1. I just started!! I actually meant to start when Clara was a newborn and only did a few posts the first year. Ha! But, now that my husband set up my profile on facebook and fixed up my blog, I’m trying to post every day. I’ve missed 2 days this week, but that’s better than 1 every few months. LOL.

  2. You are so kind! Thank you!! I’m excited about starting this blog. It helps me organize my thoughts and see things more clearly.

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