The Plate That Sticks To The Table- NOT!

We went to our favorite restaurant and took little girl with us. I brought a plate/placemat duo that has a suction cup on the bottom to keep said baby from tossing said plate off of the table. The server who is the owner and knows us well (we are regulars) was quite impressed with the idea. “The things they come up with these days” she said as we all laughed in agreement about how cool it was. “I wish they had something like that when my boy was little”. I demonstrate by trying to pull it off and it doesn’t go anywhere. It worked quite well for momma.

Then baby got a hold of it. Not two seconds after the server left the table, she had pulled the plate up. I looked at daddy… “maybe it needs to be wet first, like the suction cup holders in the shower, you know, since those always hold up- ha!” Anyway, I try it wet. Nope. I clean it off. Nope. I keep smooshing it down again at different angles and ways to see if it will stick. Nope. She keeps figuring out how to pull it off. So for the rest of the meal, Daddy holds one side down while I hold the other. FAIL!