Fireworks In Your Pants

Lil’ C is not a quiet pooper. It sounds like fireworks are going off in her diaper. As a newborn, sometimes the poopage made its way through the diaper, through her onesie, and on to me. In fact, one time it actually got on the arm chair. Many of her outfits have little brown stains on the back from major blowouts. So much for pampers and huggies. 7th Generation and Earth’s Best contained her fanfares pretty well though. I finally made the transition to cloth diapers a few months ago. From what I’ve heard about the new fancy shmancy diapers, blowouts are minimized depending on the brand of diapers… and your own baby’s brand for that matter. 😉 I bought a multi-pack from The Green Bambino in Oklahoma City and I must say, we haven’t had any blowouts yet with any of the brands!

While I’m on the train to poopville, I might as well tell you a story from when she was a newborn. It was bath time. I undressed her on the bed and carried her ten long feet to the bath tub when all of the sudden she started to pee. I was inches away from the tub and just stood there frozen as pee dribbled down my shirt, pants, and legs. All the while she was just smiling away. Why didn’t I think fast and move her a few more inches to make it into the tub? After bath, I hurriedly jumped in the shower to wash off while Daddy held her in his lap. As I was drying off I heard a call of distress from the living room. “Jubers! Bring me a towel!” This time, it wasn’t just pee…

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