Diastasis Recti Rehab: Day 1

It’s just the first day. I’m not going to give up. But to be honest, this splint is kind of driving me nuts. It keeps riding up. I’ve taken it off to adjust it about 15 times today. Taking care of a toddler does not make it any easier. Sleeping with it on tonight is going to be interesting. The instructions are to have it on at ALL times until your diastasis is closed and only to remove it when bathing.

If I’m just sitting, the splint stays in place. But no matter how tight it is, the second I move, it starts to have a mind of its own. I do a lot of bending over type movements during the day from laundry, to changing diapers, to cleaning up, cooking, and teaching early childhood music classes that involve getting up and down off of the floor. I try to get up and down correctly with a straight back as per the Tupler Technique instructions, but it still moves. I’ve tried it in different positions to see if it stays in place better higher or lower and I’m just not having any luck

I’ve watched the DVD, Lose Your Mummy Tummy, a few times and I’ve taken notes because there are a lot of details and points to remember. I feel like I’m building an awareness of my transverse muscle. I’m not sure if I’m doing the exercises exactly right and breathing or moving how I’m supposed to throughout the day. The perfectionist in me is struggling with this.

Basically the first 3 weeks of the exercises involve sitting and squeezing your abs to strengthen your transverse before moving on to any other exercises. Crunches are a big “no no” because they will cause your diastasis to get worse. That’s OK by me though! I mean, who likes to do crunches?!! I never have. Tupler mentions on the DVD that any kind of “jack knife” type of movement is like fingernails down a chalkboard or chewing on aluminum foil to her. What? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone chewing on aluminum foil. But, I get the point. LOL

I’m sure the 4 steps to the technique will become second nature… hopefully sooner that later!